Java Programming ​


Importance and features of Java, Language Construct of java including Keywords, constants, variables and looping and decision making construct, Classes and their implementation, Introduction to JVM and its architecture including set of instructions. Overview of JVM Programming . Internal and detailed explanation of a valid .class file format. Instrumentation of a .class file, Byte code engineering libraries, Overview of class loaders and Sandbox model of security.Introducing classes, objects and methods: defining a class, adding variables and methods, creating objects, constructors, class inheritance. Arrays and String: Creating an array, one and two dimensional arrays, string array and methods, Classes: String and String Buffer classes, Wrapper classes: Basics types, using super, Multilevel hierarchy abstract and final classes, Object class, Packages and interfaces, Access protection, Extending Interfaces, packages.


Exception Handling: Fundamentals exception types, uncaught exceptions, throw, throw, final, built in exception, creating your own exceptions.

Multithreaded Programming: Fundamentals, Java thread model: priorities, synchronization, messaging, thread classes, Runnable interface, inter thread Communication, suspending, resuming and stopping threads.

Input/Output Programming:  Basics, Streams, Byte and Character Stream, predefined streams, Reading and writing from console and files.


Event Handling: Different Mechanism, the Delegation Event Model, Event Classes, Event Listener Interfaces, Adapter and Inner Classes, Working with windows, Graphics and Text, using AWT controls, Layout managers and menus, handling Image, animation, sound and video, Java Applet.

The Collection Framework: The Collection Interface, Collection Classes, Working with Maps & Sets

JDBC: Introduction to DBMS & RDBMS, DBC API, JDBC Application Architecture, Obtaining a Connection, JDBC Models: Two Tier and Three Tier Model, ResultSet, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement.   


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